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Career Limiting Moves - Political and Religious Beliefs

Career Limiting Moves – Political and Religious Beliefs

Political and Religious beliefs can divide a team in half over a lunch time conversation. Politics’ is dangerously close to a person’s mindset and values with religion are tied deep into a person’s roots. A conflict with someone and how people see you could rapidly alter the strong opinion people have of you. Challenging someone’s core values is one of the most unpleasant things you can do.

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Lives are built around religious values and ideas. Please be willing to listen and understand someone’s input. Political opinions and religious beliefs are so deep-seated in people, that challenging their opinions is more likely to get you on a black-list than to change someone’s mind. 

Alienating a person can make a working environment unbearable and counterproductive. How many hot button world events right now are easily debatable? Whatever you do don’t bring the bible to work and forget about the next election. Obama being president is still being disputed as to whether he is a US citizen. Will Hillary be the next president, ask someone in the office and you could start an argument that doesn’t support your career.

Please don’t mention religion or politics at a job interview. If you mention politics at an interview you are guaranteed to not get the job, unless you are working for a campaign. Managers just don’t want to know and don’t give yourself and opportunity to get rejected.

Passed over for promotions for just being an annoying person? Will you honestly know why you didn’t get promoted to a position you worked so hard to get? Understand you probably do a great job in the office and everyone respects you. Maybe you are losing respect from your coworkers because of your beliefs.

The career limiting move could be that you didn’t get the best job in town because you talk too much. Don’t be a “Donald Trump” thinking you know everything, even if you do. LOL


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