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8 Problems to Avoid when Working from Home


Problems to Avoid when Working from Home. So the boss finally let you work from home. It takes a lot of trust to have you doing your job without having someone looking over your shoulder. Life is getting better just because you avoided rush hour traffic. Be careful what you ask for though, working at home can be dangerous to your employment if you get distracted.

Losing a person’s concentration is one kind of these dangers. When you work from home you better prepare yourself for lots of freedom to plan your day. Additionally you can easily be distracted and go off course. You need to set boundaries for yourself. Understanding what you need to accomplish for the day is key to getting off to a good start. Divide the day up so you can stay on course.

Working from home can be tough and here are several reasons that can derail your project like an Amtrak train going way too fast around a tight curve. work from home

  1. Food

The kitchen refrigerator has all the goodies inside. All your favorites are there so don’t over indulge just because you are at home. Snacks can slow down your motivation with a sugar rush. Yesterday’s dinner leftovers could create a problem if you over indulge.

  1. Phone Calls

You are guaranteed to get a call from the office from a coworker wanting to tell you how the boss is an idiot, and who did what while you are out of the office. Keep phone calls to 5 minutes. Laughing and joking about nothing can create loss of time as your day moves forward.

  1. Break time

Create a rule for break time. Schedule breaks and keep them short. Opting to turn on the TV could send you into a spiral out of control. Think about the fact that you don’t normally know what television shows come on during the day. Unique, gossipy, or funny shows could suck you into the drama and burn a lot of your time.

  1. Elimination of exercise

You tend to walk or climb stairs in the office. If your office is in the bedroom you just eliminated exercise. Jumping jacks work great for getting your heart rate up. Jogging in place works for small spaces to work out quickly. 10 minutes to clear your mind.

  1. Children

Having small children or trying to work in the summer with kids out of school can be difficult. Daddy mommy questions all day, tough? Prevent this from happening by scheduling time to spend with your children at the end of the day. Because you are home don’t let the family take you for granted and pile up lots of stuff for you to do as if you are taking a vacation day. See below. LOL

  1. Honey do list

Since you are home today can you do this for me? Communicate this in advance that work is work whether at the office or at home. The company pays me to produce or if you work for yourself someone has to pay the bills.

  1. Working too many hours

If you don’t have all the above situations you could work so many hours that you failed to eat or come up for air. Now you wonder why you have a headache. Mental fatigue can create a new problem, poor health and a sense of being grouchy all the time. Fresh air, sunlight will solve this problem. Please don’t work more than 8-10 hours in a day.

  1. Test your tools

Make sure you can login to your company’s network the night before so you don’t waste a lot of time troubleshooting. Check your work devices immediately. Missing deadlines because you can’t login to work on documents will make you stressed.

Working from home can be the ultimate dream for most people. Men and women, love the idea of make a living right at home, while nurturing children and cleaning house. Be concerned about potential dangers that can cause a career limiting move. I’m sure not everyone can work from home so don’t blow it by taking advantage. What do you have to avoid when working from home.


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