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Career Limiting Moves – Refusing to Give a Two Week Notice

Refusing to Give Two Week Notice. Don’t give your new boss the middle finger. From time to time an employer will make demands that an employee take a risk. Cross the bridge into trust me, “I know what I’m doing” says your new manager. We need you sooner than the standard two week period. An employer may have a position that needs to be filled by a certain date or lose the position to another company fighting for more work share.

Understand your options, maybe you could work part time with the new company to satisfy both companies or vice versa? Burning a bridge in a small town or in a career field where everybody knows everyone can hurt you in the long run. Your co-workers will remember the increased workload they will receive the day you leave the company. Since you are resigning sooner than two weeks, your manager will have to scramble to submit the paperwork for a new person. This is why you should give two weeks notice.

2 weeks notice

Some companies have a policy, if you do not give two weeks’ notice you cannot be rehired. At the time it doesn’t sound like a big deal. Your career field can resemble a small world due to employees transitioning to new contracts and managers moving onto other opportunites. What I’m saying here is people don’t forget. Besides this action of not giving proper notice what else is dangling out there? Managers tend to lump all the other stuff you thought was forgotten over the years into a please do not hire. No recommendation for you in the future. Don’t take the risk of a career limiting move.

Please note, some companies do not have to except your less than two weeks’ notice. Read your companies policy on this. Your company could elect to have you removed immediately. Why you ask, because the company did not think you were doing a good job. Your negative moral could affect the positive employees. Give the two weeks notice already!


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