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Health Problem that could affect Your Job Performance

Health Problem that could affect Your Job Performance

Non-disclosure of a health problem that could affect your job performance is a career limiting move. Have you ever fallen asleep on the job due to medications making you drowsy? Today’s aging work force creates opportunity for all kinds of workplace health circumstances. Regardless of age an illness could strike at any age. Job related performance as well as accidents on the job creates a unique situation for yourself, your company, managers, and your coworkers.

Colleagues will often rally around someone who is open about their delicate situation. Technology health problem that affects your jobtoday allows employees to work from home, especially those employees who are going through tough times with a medical condition. If you are doing a great job would an employer opt to lose a valuable employee? You should make your colleagues aware that you take full responsibility for your ailment and that you are not looking for any special treatment in terms of less work or responsibility.

You can comfort your situation by being open, honest, and proactively allowing your employer to come up with a solution for the situation. When employers are surprised by a medical problem they are often afraid of making mistakes and must seek help from human resources. Most cases managers need advice from upper management about options.

If you are having a problem that’s painful or migraines for example, this could affect your work performance or just your attitude. You don’t want to be disciplined for something that’s out of your control. Managers are concerned about employee privacy just as much as the employee. A health problem is usually a moment in time. With the right treatment and some latitude from your job life can continue moving forward.

All in all whether its short term disability, long term disability, tele-commuting, or reduce working hours something will need to be planned and approved to give you the comfort you need and keep the rest of the employees from stressing out while you manage your health.


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