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Hire Me

Have a small business and want to get on the Internet?

I can help you purchase your domain name, get it hosted and even help you with the design.

You will be provided with all the passwords and information you will need to manage your accounts once the job is finished, or for a small yearly fee, I can handle that for you.

The site will include a vertical and/or horizontal navigation bar, and unlimited links within the site. The text for each page must be completely written and on a disk, or sent by email. Up to four photos per page are included in the price. Digital photos are preferred, but can be scanned. Up to 10 links to other pages on each page. Other web design services include:

I personally get on a call with you to discuss the details in order to provide you with a custom quote and scope of work. All projects are unique and they depend on your business needs and goals but to give you an idea, projects usually start at about $1,000.

I know this will sound like part of a sales pitch but I don’t take too many projects at once. The reason (and this is very personal) is that I have a commitment to exceed my client’s expectations on every single project I take. That’s just how my stuff works and I find perfect harmony and balance, in other words, I’m cool like that… and I sleep like a baby!

Of course you are. Fill out the contact form to tell me about your project and I will get in contact with you in the next 48 hours.