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How to Avoid Being a Bad Boss

How to Avoid Being a Bad Boss

If you are new to being the boss, there are a few ways to jump start your success. You will most definitely have to read books or take some classes on leadership. The more you improve the stronger the team will become. Leadership is a learned skill, just like anything else. I understand some people appear to be born leaders while the rest of us must practice and learn.

If you are not a boss right now, jump into any opportunity to learn or take on a task for your boss. Ask for an opportunity to lead a task. This is a great way to build your leadership skills and learn to influence others. The best bosses are the ones people choose to work for and follow. Don’t you want to feel bad bossinspired? Would you work for free to work for a great boss? Make sure to be proactive when it comes to learning leadership so you can become your best.

Look at the characteristics of the kind of leader you would like to be someday. Write down what you like or don’t like about the bosses you’ve had over the course of your career. Keep a list on the kind of boss you want to be. Even better – make it detailed with the thought of how you will behave. The easy wins are working on the following:

  1. The power of saying “Thank You” goes a long way with teams and people in general.

  2. When things break or crash pick up the pieces quickly and assess lessons learned before moving forward.

  3. Set the expectations for staff. Communicate clearly. Provide good direction. Help team to prioritize tasks.

  1. Strive to see the positive in negative situations to get the team moving forward.

  2. Remove bottlenecks when situations arise.

These are just a few to get you started. Remember that education is the key to success when it comes to leadership. Find a great mentor. Check out John Maxwell, he is my favorite leadership guru. What kind of boss are you going to be?


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