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How to Survive when you are Overqualified for the Job

How to survive when you are overqualified for the job? How did you navigate through a mind-field of questions that would have made you overqualified during the interview process? You must have a very good strategy to win your current position. Now that you have the position you need to maintain a certain style with working with everyone from the bottom to the top.

Does the hiring manager understand that you are overqualified? Maybe your manager is thinking of a big picture plan that has you taking on more responsibilities if you can handle it. Now that you are working with a new team and a new chain of command here are a few things you should think about concerning approaches to different situations.

1- Make sure to ask your coworkers for assistance from time to time, even if you don’t need it. Keep your fellow employees around you apart of the decision making process?

2- How many certifications do you have? Please resist the temptation to cover your wall with every degree and certification you’ve received since high school. Definitely do not place all your certification identifiers on your signature line of your email.

3- Understand that “overqualified” is a relative term. Experience and book skills are very important, your team may be better equipped for the skills required for the job. Build the team up with your skills.How to Survive when you are Overqualified for the Job

4- Meetings are the perfect time to share information and collaborate, don’t show-off. If you show off I’m sure your boss as well as the team will be annoyed.

5- Talking technical jargon above everyones head is a good way to confuse management, but is it necessary?

You applied for the job, you got the job, and the least you can do is keep your ego in check. Believe that an insecure team or manager can make your life miserable sooner than later. Who knows what great opportunities can come out of your skills and experience by building a great team? 


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