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Why Thriving People today don’t Sweat Negative News

Why Thriving People today don’t Sweat Negative News

Absolutely everyone loves fantastic news due to the fact they make us really feel great. News like receiving a promotion, winning new business, getting good feedback, whatever it could be, gives us a buzz. Very good news releases the feel good hormones in our body which lift our mood and deliver an all-natural antidote for a positive attitude.

The reverse it accurate for undesirable news. We naturally do not like bad news. No one wants to hear that things are not going well or we’ve failed. When we get bad news we usually try to push away or ignore it. Bad news triggers worries and creates tension.

Undesirable news is usually brushed below the carpet, or ignored all together. The reasons for this is, no one wants to admit they produced an error or failed and we frequently believe that the bearers of terrible news put themselves under the guillotine. This will create a career limiting move for sure.

Think about your young school days, good grades were always greeted with a positive outlook. Bad grades were not even mentioned because of the nature of delivering bad news about a failing class or project. At a young age good news has awesome benefits. Good news usually comes with a gift that is surely to make you smile. Bad news or poor grades come with a counseling session.
breaking News Don't Sweat

Leaders typically shelter staff from poor news. Senior managers are very capable to react positively to bad news. Forward thinking leaders build an environment where it is okay to bring undesirable news. Leaders should proactively encourage the staff to speak about disappointing situations that could affect the bottom line.

The realization that this is a moment in time, and their is great danger in not sharing bad news in a timely manner. Your customers will appreciate quick action in a bad situation on a project. The outcome of not disclosing news can cost you your budget, waste time, and throw your schedule off.

Here are a few points to consider when bad news comes your way:

  1. Understand and use emotional intelligence to react to bad news. Work on understanding the problem and get all the facts.
  1. Have an understanding with your staff that problems are encouraged to be reported as well as escalated. Staff should be relieved to get support from leadership.
  1. Provide synergy around situations that go wrong. Bring the right resources to a situation to make a project manager, team lead, or staff member feel at ease. Lessons learned is the key to evaluating what happened and how in the future this problem will be address. Publicly talk about issues amongst the team or across teams to build confidence that everyone is working together to solve problems.

It just doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, there will always be problems that need to be resolved. The correct approach to problems will allow you to be highly successful. Always remember your best staff members will sometimes create a problem or misread a requirement. If you carry a positive attitude and have the right tools you can fix any situation. Why Thriving People today don’t Sweat Negative News.


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  • It's funny fo rme I don't pay attention because 99% of the time I don't know about it. I focus on self development and what I can do to better myself to then better my family and then in return better their community. Most thriving people are making things happen positively and don't care about the negative.

  • Hi guys,

    Love the website. Keep up the good work!


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